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Miniaturized Vertical Holders

Miniaturized Vertical Holder

MPD vertical battery holders offer the perfect solution for increasing component density in PC boards.

While most battery holders are horizontally mounted to reduce overall height, there are situations where maintaining a low profile is less important than maximizing available board real estate, as freeing up this space allows the PCB to be populated with more components, thus economizing on circuit board material.

While vertical battery holders effectively minimize the footprint of coin cells, there is a natural trade-off, as the use of a vertical battery holder results in a higher profile. This trade-off is often acceptable for non-handheld devices, where miniaturization is not a primary concern, and increased component density enables more cost effective use of the circuit board material.

In situations where a vertical coin cell is required, but maintaining the lowest possible profile is also necessary, a solution can be to drill small holes in the PCB, enabling part of the coin cell holder to sit at or below the surface of the PC board to reduce overall profile by up to 1cm. This space-saving concept is similarly employed by the Mini family of coin cell holders.

MPD vertical coin cell holders come in several sizes, including the BK-5058 , BK-5058-4mm and BS-5 vertical holders for CR2032 coin cells, the BV-1632-G coin cell holder for CR1632 coin cells, as well as the model BS-1225-PC vertical coin cell holder, which fits CR1225 coin cells. The BS-1225-PC provides an ideal balance between delivering higher battery power and offering lower profile as the BS-1225-PC battery holder stands less than 14.5mm high with a footprint of less than 15.4 x 4.8mm. Use of a small but powerful CR1225 lithium battery is often recommended because these batteries can provide up to 50mAh of nominal capacity from a 12mm diameter coin cell that is nearly half the radius of a CR2032 coin cell.

MPD’s vertical battery holders are made from Nylon 66, which offers ideal mechanical and chemical properties, including outstanding resistance to oil and chemicals, long-term-heat exposure, as well as wear and abrasion. Nylon 66 also offers superior modulus and strength.

Looking to create added space for increased component density? Then turn your world 90 degrees with vertical coin cell holders from Memory Protection Devices.


BV-1632-G. CR1632 Vertical Coin Cell Battery Holder

BV-1632-G. CR1632 Vertical Coin Cell Battery Holder