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AA Battery Cell Holders

MPD offers dozens of AA-cell holders to choose from, providing design engineers with total flexibility in selecting the ideal battery holder for each application requirement.

MPD offers AA-cell holders in a variety of materials, including Nylon 66, glass-filled black PBT, and polypropylene (PP). Termination options include PC pins, solder lugs, male/female snap fasteners, 6” wire leads, and bump plates. We also offer AA-cell holders with spring contacts or pressure contacts that offer increased reliability.

Variations include single cell holders, two-cell holders, three-cell holders, four-cell holders, six-cell holders, eight-cell holders, and ten-cell holders. Most of our AA-cell holders are available with optional covers to provide increased battery retention in case the device is dropped or mishandled.

MPD also offers AA-cell holders with sliding covers, including two-cell, three-cell, six-cell, and eight-cell holders. The eight-cell AA battery holder is available with DC plugs, wire leads, and on-off switches.

Retainer straps are available for all single-cell, two-cell, three-cell, and four-cell AA-battery holders.

Nobody matches MPD in terms of our quality and selection of AA-battery holders.
Ultra-reliable AA-battery holders

When extreme battery retention is essential, ultra reliable battery holders from MPD are a must.

Our ultra-reliable AA-battery holders are designed to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions, including the high forces associated with shock, vibration and mishandling.

MPD ultra-reliable battery holders provide an incredibly secure electrical connection for two-cell, three-cell, and four-cell battery packs. These ultra-reliable battery holders are constructed form top quality black polypropylene (PP) with dual pressure contacts constructed of nickel-plated steel for improved electrical conductivity. Three versions are available:

BK-6100-PC4, designed to fit two (2) AA batteries, with 4 PC pins
BK-1280-PC6, designed to fit three (3) AA batteries, with 6 PC pins
BK-1279-PC8, designed to fit four (4) AA batteries, with 8 PC pins



4 AA Battery Cell Holder w/ Wire Leads


2 AA Battery Cell Holder. Solder Lug








8 AA Battery Cell Holder w/ Wire Leads.


8 AA Battery Cell Holder.


4 AA Battery Cell Holder. BK-1279-PC8