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MPD’s part number BA3AAW is a MPD manufactured battery holder that accepts (3) AA batteries.  The holder and cover are made of black polypropylene, and the contacts are nickel-plated stainless steel.  By not having springs, and having pressure contacts, the BA3AAW has increased conductivity and less room for error when the battery is placed in the holder.  The BA3AAW is RoHS 2 compliant for worldwide distribution and surpasses ANSI/EIA standards, guaranteeing quality. The operating temperature for this part is from -10c to +100c. The BA3AAW can be mounted using 2-56 machine screws. Double sided tape and/or adhesive work well also. The BA3AAW sits 16.38 mm above the PCB. 

BA3AAW - 3 Cell AA battery holder w/ 6" wire leads. Spring-less contacts.

BA3AAW – 3 Cell AA battery holder w/ 6″ wire leads. Spring-less contacts.


Battery Holder (3) AA
Holder Material Black polypropylene
Contacts Material 302 stainless steel, nickel plated
Temperature Range -10°C to +100°C
Regulations UL94-HB, RoHS 2 Compliant