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Mini CR2032 Coin Cell battery holder

Mini Coin Cell Holders
New Ultra Low Profile Coin Cell Holders Introduced

When ultra thin profile is required, mini coin cell holders from MPD are the answer.

MPD’s innovative mini coin cell holders feature the lowest profile of any coin cell holder commercially available. To achieve such low profile, a hole is drilled in the circuit board that is slightly wider than the circumference of the mini. The upper portion of the mini sits atop the drilled hole, with two reinforced SMT solder pads extending outward beyond the hole to provide a strong physical and electrical connection to the PCB. Since the body of the mini sits at or slightly below the top of the circuit board, a CR2023 version (part # BU2032-SM-JJ-MINI-GTR) can stand only 1.95mm above the PCB, saving almost 3mm in height versus standard low profile CR2032 battery holders, which rise approximately 5.5m above the pc board.

The mini coin cell holder utilizes two pressure contacts that hold the coin cell firmly in place, yet allow the battery to be removed if necessary. These pressure contacts are made of gold-flashed nickel-plated phosphor bronze, which provides excellent electrical conductivity, low electrical resistance, and superior corrosion resistance.

MPD mini coin cell holders also feature a base made of lightweight LCP plastic, which is extremely thin yet strong and can easily withstand SMT solder reflow temperatures of up to 280°C. This LCP material provides excellent chemical resistance, and is ideal for use in medical devices because it can withstand repeated multiple sterilization cycles including hot steam, hot air, gamma/electron beam and ethylene oxide. MPD’s LCD thermoplastic is also halogen-free, and PFOA-free, and is fully compliant with SVHC, REACH, RoHS, and WEEE regulations.

Mini coin cell holders from MPD offer a unique space-saving solution that minimizes profile while providing excellent battery retention.

Mini battery holder for CR2032 - BU2032SM-JJ-MINI-GTR

Mini battery holder for CR2032 – BU2032SM-JJ-MINI-GTR

Quick Facts

• Packaged on tape and reel for automated systems
• Requires a hole in the PCB for holder to drop into
• Eliminates cost of dense foam above the battery and associated parts and labor through high grip contacts
• Lower profile than any other competing products
• Has less than a 2 mm height above the PCB
• Delivery is normally from distributor stock, or after a short waiting period

For More Information

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